João Graça  


Sponsors Manager

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João Graça, Head of the Europe Salsa Open, has a history of being in love with  salsa dance and music for more then 15 years, and, as a result of this passion, has played a key role on salsa in Portugal. He organized salsa courses in Portugal for several years, with the most top international artists and teachers like Shaka Brown, Magna Copal, Masacote, Borju, Eddie Torres, Melissa Rosado, Cobo  Brothers , to promote learning of salsa on2 in Portugal. Recently, he was responsible to established the Portugal Salsa Open ( three editions already) that chose the portugal salsa couple to represent Portugal on the World Salsa Open In Porto Rico. Recognized by Porto Rico organizer, Eli Irizarry, by his drive and implementation skills he accept the challenge to go bigger and launch an Europe Salsa Open.

Paula Campos

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