Depending on the number of competitors ,  we may have 3  different rounds: 

   - 1st ROUND - Improvisation
   - SEMI-FINAL - Choreography *
   - FINAL - Improvisation

*  ​​a draw will determine the order of performance.

• First Round, is a stage where contestants compete all at once, or split into small groups , dancing free style  with the music chosen by the organization.

• On Semi-Final round couples  will compete individually presenting a  Choreography (different from previous edition). The music must be exclusively of " Salsa". All choreographed routines must be no less than 1 .30´ and no more than 1.50´.

•  The Jury will select the best 8 couples from the Semi-Final.
(The number of couples  may vary depending on the number of competitors that actually finishes each round, maximum 10 couples will be selected to final round)

• At the 
Final  Round, contestants will compete individually dancing freestyle with the music selected by the organization.

• The final ranking is achieved from 1st to 8st place, at the Final round, and from 9st to the last place, from  results of the Semi Final (Choreography)!

General Judging Criteria 

Stage presence - Dancer attitude on stage

Visual presentation - Aesthetics of the couple together ( styling , costumes, make-up , etc. )

Choreography: Development and evolution of dance , its complexity , movements and synchronization of same .

Technique: Knowledge and execution of movements that make up the choreography.

Interaction between the couple : Coordination of movements between them.

Rhythm- Time  used on the dance, the constancy of it , flavour and rhythm in body movements.

Creativity : The use of new and different resources and / or movements in the choreography

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General Rules & Regulations

  • Competition is open to couples only (1 female/1 male).Couples must be resident on a European Country.
  • Minimum age for participation is 16.
  • Once registered, participants authorize the Organizers the use of all images to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Couples shall have no direct communication with the judges during the competition.
  • Couples may dance on any timing of 1, 2, 3 or 4. However, the entire routine must be on the same timing.If you are changing your timing, judges must be advised in advance. If you do not, it will be considered an error.
  • Couples shall not speak to each other, sing the lyrics, or address the public or judges during their performance.
  • Dress Code is “show” dancewear, shall have no emblems or sponsorship logos. No casual clothing is allowed.
  • Competitors will be judged on their appearance as part of the judging criteria, and may be marked down for costume malfunctions.
  • The use of other shoes rather then dance shoes is prohibited, like sneakers, ballet shoes, jazz, etc.
  • Judges will be appointed at the sole discretion of competition organisers.All competitors shall accept the judge’s decision as it is final and cannot be appealed.All negative expressions towards judges, organizers, or any person or entity associated with the event is prohibited.
  • Any competitor that does not adhere to the terms and procedures of these Rules and Regulations will be subject to disqualification from the competition and will automatically forfeit any right to any prizes or awards presented by the competition.
  • Any competitor, director or entity that, through communication in any medium or through their behaviour, attempts to cause or results in any damage to the reputation or credibility of the European Salsa Open, can be immediately disqualified, permanently banned and will also be legally liable for punitive reimbursement to the competition.
  • By participating in the European Salsa Open, all competitors, judges and other associated parties, agree to all of the above terms and conditions of participation.