The European Salsa Open is a festival where you will find an European Salsa Competition that will involve professional and amateurs salsa dancers, shows and great parties with top international Djs and live salsa orchestra. It is one of the European Salsa Competition with the most impressionable prizes to be won.

It will select one professional salsa couple to represent Europe on the World Salsa Open, and qualifies for amateurs couples and teams to present themselves on the WSO competition.

On the first edition we have had 16 professional salsa couples attending on the competition, we preview to enlarge the number of competitors this year, and adding 2 new categories for amateurs as an European Competition for amateurs couples and teams.

"World Salsa Open "

The number of people participating in this first edition was 375, coming from 19 different countries. In 1998 the number of participants was 550 from 23 countries, with 32 salsa companies performing and teaching and by 1999 there were 800 people from 34 countries with about 56 salsa companies taking part. In 2002, and as part of the natural evolution of the World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico, the worldwide competition called WORLD SALSA OPEN , a system that coordinates and describes a wide range of national competitions Salsa , with 19 federal countries , developing activities annually arises in more than 50 cities. 

Early on, established itself as the most important and serious professional salsa event in the world, both for the recognition of the greatest exponents of this dance , as for the top quality of the competitors and winners of the world title.

Founder & Director

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Designed by the hands of a Puerto Rican journalist , Eli Irizarry,  born the event that would change the history of this dance , in which the passion , the commitment and the potential of the event was so great that settled in the lives and hearts of hundreds of fans around the world , making it a Mecca for lovers of this dance . In subsequent editions , the event attracts more and more visitors , both from an artistic standpoint dancers and instructors as to the hundreds of fans who travelled thousands of miles each year , spending fortunes to see and also hear the great stars of tropical music , because Puerto Rico is and will always be the birthplace and centre of the most recognized song.

The original format of Salsa Congress always has included workshops , seminars and conferences by the biggest names in the industry . Moreover , the best pairs, groups and dance companies perform a show of their new choreographic work , sharing the night of the show with the most representative interpreters of african -Antillean music, known today as Salsa

Only after  two years of this event was launched when the company " Bacardi" saw the potential of this Salsa Congresses to link their product to this passion for dance. And so , side by side, Bacardi and Congress have visited more than 30 cities in the world, in just three years. It was this international tour that enabled many of the salsa dance stars, a global projection, which without it would not have been possible. 

2015 was the year of uninterrupted nineteenth edition of a convention that attracts professional dancers of great artistry, along with recognition of the best musicians in the history of Salsa , providing the ideal setting for sharing information between styles and trends , allowing  Puerto Rico 's position as the World Capital of Salsa , providing the basis for organizing more than 250 events around the world.

The level of international prominence , has been the most effective tool for promotion of the country in the last 15 years , with extensive news coverage , in addition to the thousands of visitors each year , with millions of dollars in contributions to the local economy , contributing to the social and cultural development of Puerto Rico .