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Professional Inscription Fee - 60 € per couple

Amateur Inscription Fee - 25€ /participant

Inscriptions accepted until 30th of May.  For Amateurs couples or teams we will close the inscription as soon we have 8 inscriptions.

Competitors will have an accident insurance and full acess to both parties of the European Salsa Open.

NOTE: Competitors will have friday afternoon between 1pm-5pm to rehearsals on stage of Casino Estoril. Maybe some could have some time from 11am to12am. So be sure you will arrive on Estoril considering this shedule.

ESO Organization will provide group transfer from Lisbon Airport to Estoril and return and will post schedules for this transfers. We will try to adjust them to your arrivals so we will need the info about your flight soonest possible.

IBAN: PT 50 0035 217600022304030 43


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Amateurs Competition ( Teams)

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